Luke's Web Pages for Less

Sorry, Luke has retired from this stuff now.

However, you might still like to peruse a few of my own research and hobby sites, just for the hell of it. Most of them are pretty old now, some are among the earliest websites I ever made, but people still use them, and besides they have sentimental value!

Exactly What Is Time?

Sleep: How Sleep Works

Arguments for Atheism

Enigma of the Green Man

The History of English

The Human Memory

RightLeftRightWrong: An Investigation of Handedness

Classical Literature

Physics of the Universe

The Story of Mathematics

Witchcraft and Witches

Philosophy: The Basics

Utopian Literature

Luke's Canadian Blog

Mastin Family Tree

Hieronymus Bosch

Canadian, British and American Spelling

Literary Awards and Prizes

Foreign Phrases Commonly Used in English

Abstruse Verbiage word game

Capital Cities of the World Quiz

Luke's Web Pages for Less (original site from 1999)

Luke's South American Diary 1994-99

History of the World

Music In Perspective

Youthful Poems